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what’s wrong with me?

May 3rd, 2002

I went to Bedrock at Heaven tonight — it is supposed to be one of the best club nights in the world, John Digweed’s residence. Well tonight there was no Digweed and it was a wast of 8 pounds. I think I have become a jaded raver — I don’t seam to have fun very often when I go out clubbing. I find people to be rude, and want to be rude back, I rarely find the music to my liking, and when I do find a good beat it does not last long. I have not been clubbing a lot since I came to Europe but when I do go I do not seem to have a lot of fun. I don’t like it………..

One Response to “what’s wrong with me?”

Come back to some Scott Henry goodness! =)

Actaully, I have been finding the same. The poeple haven’t changed all that much, but the music is getting static. It’s hard to find something good to bounce. Even worse, I don’t have anyone fun to go with! ::meep::