t—– part II

At the time I did not think too much about this phone call because, T—– was working very long days since she was concerned that we would not have enough money to move in to our apartment. About this time we had begun to buy furniture for the apartment and that morning, after taking M—— to T—–‘s grandmother’s, I went to arrange delivery of the bedroom set we where buying. My mother was co-signing for us since the set cost about a grand, and that is something I would come to regret later, but was thankful for at the time.

Over the next few weeks I did not see T—– much, there where a few nights she called and said she was going to crash at J—‘s. I brushed this off because J— usually worked the evening shift with T—–, and his car was broken down so she was driving him to and from work. Other days I worked day time and she worked nights, so the only time we saw each other was between when she got home early in the morning and I left for work a little while later. Everything came to a head on December fourth.

December fourth was a Monday, and over the past two day T—– had been moving the last of her things out of her grandmothers house and into the apartment. Most of the stuff we had purchased together and my things where still at my house. Because the bedroom set was not scheduled to be delivered till the fourth I was staying at my house and T—– and M—— where staying at her grandmothers. That morning she called me and asked if I could pick M—— and bring him to her at work around four because she was getting off at five and I had to be at work at five. I said yes, and I would see her at four-ish.