back in business!

AAA! AAAAAA! AAAAAAA!!!! Ok… got that out of my system. is back online! Been a week or so since I started the whole process of moving the website. Everything seams ok now, but if there is a f*uk up or two in the next few weeks please excuse me. Anyway. I am going to my parents house for the weekend, but I will fill in the gaps about the past week early next week.


aol no love me

If you have an aol email account, you won’t be getting any email from me for a while… Why? well I sent an email to several people this afternoon and this is the responce I got for the aol mail exchangers:

Return-path: <>

Envelope-to: b—
Delivery-date: Mon, 19 May 2003 19:21:50 -0400
Received: from root by with local (Exim 3.36 #1) id
19Htwz-0007c6-00 for b—; Mon, 19 May 2003 19:21:49 -0400
X-Failed-Recipients: f———, T——–
From: Mail Delivery System
To: b—
Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 19:21:49 -0400
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0.0 required=5.0 tests=none version=2.53
X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 2.53 (
X-Evolution-Source: pop://b—
Mime-Version: 1.0

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software (Exim).

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection:
host []: 550-The IP address you’re using to connect to AOL is either open to the
550-free relaying of e-mail, is serving as an open proxy, or is a dynamic
550-(residential) IP address. AOL cannot accept further e-mail
550-transactions from your server until either your server is closed to free
550-relaying/proxy, or your ISP removes your IP address from their list of
550-dynamic IP addresses. For additional information, please visit
SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection:
host []: 550-The IP address you’re using to
connect to AOL is either open to the
550-free relaying of e-mail, is serving as an open proxy, or is a dynamic
550-(residential) IP address. AOL cannot accept further e-mail
550-transactions from your server until either your server is closed to free
550-relaying/proxy, or your ISP removes your IP address from their list of
550-dynamic IP addresses. For additional information, please visit

—— This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ——

Received: from ([])
by with esmtp (Exim 3.36 #1)
id 19HtwD-0007Zk-00; Mon, 19 May 2003 19:21:01 -0400
Subject: Oh man… do you talk like this?
From: “:: beggs ::”

To: b—————, l————, T——–, s——, f———, b——
Content-Type: text/plain
Organization: my own sick little world!
Message-Id: <>
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: Ximian Evolution 1.2.3-
Date: 19 May 2003 18:28:43 +0000
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

———- – —– —————- – – – ——- —— – – —— —
— brian jeffery beggerly :: b— ::–
-———- —————– -———- ————- — ———-

Aol no love me. No I figure aol did this because they are trying to fight spam, which I completly understand—I “-“‘d out the email addresses in this post for the same reason. Spam, bad! But, bottom line, I can’t email anyone with an aol address… ‘Spam, spam, spam, spam. Lovely Spam!’



To all my friends who are graduating this year, I just wanted to say congratulations. I am proud of you. Finishing college is no small feat, you have all done well. So to A—–, C——, J–, J——, K–, S——, S——, and everyone else I know who has come to the end of their studies; Congratulations.


fractured thoughts

plastic window:

Because the glass place ordered the wrong part. The good news it that the lady said that since they had made the mistake she would do the install for free on Monday when they get the new part. Saves me 50 bucks. Nice!

bigger cube:

Still a cube but come Monday morning I will have a bigger cube in the new building. Though I will not have a chair. Apparently the furniture company will not have the chairs till after Monday so this weekend they are bringing over some ‘temporary chairs.’ At least that’s what the email I got today said—I think it’s some cruel code for ‘milk cartons.’ But hey, I got off work today at noon because they where shutting down all the networks to move them.


That’s what my license plate says now! It also says “taxation without representation” but thats another issue. [ |] Since I had the afternoon off I decided to torture myself by going downtown to DMV and dealing with that issue. Bottom line is that now, after seven months of living in DC and numerous trips to DMV my truck is registered in DC and I have a parking permit! Lovely.

miss london?:

That’s what the sign in Paris last spring asked. It had a picture of a guy sitting outside a little Parisian cafe—in the pouring rain. It was an advert for the Eurostar. I felt kind of like that guy today while I was sitting at Starbucks on the Circle. I got some coffee and a sandwich (never do that—they cost too much) and as the place was really crowded I sat outside—under the almost-not-there-at-all awning. It was just enough to cover the table and chair but when the wind blew I got sprayed with misty rain. At least I was not the only one out there, all four of the table under the awning had at least one person there.

over the top:

I saw The Matrix: Reloaded last night. It was good but I was disappointed. The ideas and story where for the most part good. But the execution was lacking. Part of the problem is the long drawn out fight scenes—with way too much, way to obvious computer graphics, juxtaposed with the in your face philosophy and what-not. The first movie was better mixed, this one had a jerky flow. Lots of geeky stuff in there, mind boggling ideas. The action is awesome in places and in others the special effects take center stage over the action and the whole movie suffers for it. Also the movie suffers from a overload of characters and not enough time to develop them, but maybe the third movie will do that. Maybe that is why both are being released within a few months of each other. This one is definitely worth seeing on the big screen but I think it is like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in that without the resolution of the third movie it suffers. So I can’t wait the see The Matrix: Revolution.


leave it not unsaid

I just came home and opened my email and I got a very sad message from a friend. It is some one I do not even know that well but he message is… well, I’ll let it speak for itself:

Dear friends…..I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping in touch. Something very horrible has just happen and it has made me see how short and precious life is. I wanted to share it with you in the hopes that it will be a lesson for everyone.

A good friend of mine was riding his moped to school. It was 8:50 in the morning last Thursday. He was struck by a drunk driver directly in front of the school where at least 50 of his friends and classmates were standing. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and he was brain dead immeadiately. He became part of the 1% of people who are able to be organ donors and saved five lives.

However at the young age of 21 he was engaged to be married to another of my classmates who will never live the same again. He was also going to be graduating in 11 days. I have spent the last week crying and wondering why. I went to jacksonville … and said good bye to one of the sweetest and most genuine people to ever walk this earth. So I implore you to turn to the people you love and tell them how much they mean to you. I implore you to live each day as if it was your last. And finnally I implore DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Because every time that you do you are endangering the lives of wonderful people like that of G— K—, and possibly destroying the lives of their families and friends.

With that know that someone loves you…..I love you….Love,E


what happened to the music?

It was stollen, thats what happened to it. And so called ‘comprehensive’ insurance will not cover the cost of replacing it. Fucking insurance!


thats bs!

I called to make a claim on my insurance to replace my window and cd’s. Then I was told that the cd’s and S——s DVD may not be covered by my comprehensive insurance. Excuse me? What the hell makes it ‘comprehensive?’ The lady at the call center said a claims rep would call me tomorrow to speak with me but she believes that items in the auto which are not part of the auto are not covered by the insurance but by renters insurance. We’ll find out tomorrow. I’m going to be really pissed if the cd’s are not covered.


life is a bitch

Or at least mine is. Saturday night I went out to my truck to go to the Mische’s house for dinner and got a rude shock. I got in and turned the truck on. I headed down to the stop light and while I was waiting for the light to change I heard two people talking—and my first thought was ‘did I leave the window down? God, I hope not it was pooring this morning!’ All this was running through my head because the I could hear the two people way to clearly for all the windows to be up. I turned my head and sure enough the back window was open. Only was not rolled down. In fact it was shattered all over the back seat and floor. As the next horribly logical thought grasped by brain I looked down to see my cd’s—or lack there of in the front seats.

All the cd’s that where in the car—about 23 of them I think, and S——s copy of The Ghost in the Shell DVD where gone. This is possible the most angering thing that someone could have done to my truck. I would have preferred that they steal it out right rather then steal my cd’s and bust the window. The person who did this—and I’m going to stereotype here and say it was a he—should have himself hoisted up by his scrotum with rusty fish hooks and then he should be repeatedly sodomized by a lemon juice and salt covered puffer fish till they are within an inch of death. Where upon medical treatment should be administered and as soon as they wounds have begun to heal the whole process should be restarted ad infinitum!

Oh yes, they should also be castrated by a rabid pit bull so they can never have a chance to spread their geans.


oh! embarrassing!

I did the most stupid, slap-stick, embarrassing move today. And my hand and side are still throbbing from it. I ended up needing to borrow socks from J——-!

How? Well, it started because of the clutch in the truck—the one I just had replaced (grumble, grumble, grumble!) I picked the truck up yesterday and it was nice. I went back to work and finished up the day (and made the previous post.) When I left work however I noticed I needed to press as hard as I could to get the clutch to engage. I did engage, it was just that I had to push the clutch to the floor and then keep pushing like I was trying to push it through the floor. Once it was in gear everything was fine, I just had to push the clutch all the way down before I felt it engage. Ok. So this morning I got in the truck and pressed the clutch, grabbed the shift stick and pushed it out of reverse and to first. I stopped a few inches from first—it was like hitting a brick wall. I had to slam the clutch down ‘with much authority’ to get it to engage. Again on the way to work things where ok, I just had to press the clutch really hard to change gears.

So fist thing when the shop opened I went over and asked them if they could adjust the clutch a little to loosen it up a bit. They said no problem if I could leave the truck for a while. Ok, it’s about a quarter or a mile walk back to the office. It’s a fairly nice walk to, around a office building lined with trees and then across a small storm ditch and your in the parking lot of my offices. Well, soon
after I sat down at my desk it started raining. It rained for a few hours, but at one when I called the shop back and asked if the truck was down it had stopped raining. I decided to head over before it started raining again.

So, across the parking lot, and down the hill to the the drainage ditch—it’s fairly steep, 35 degree slop or so, but only about 10 feet long. The last two feet or so it concrete for the storm ditch. Now when I got to the bottom of the grass part there was about an inch, maybe two inches of water in the ditch (which has a flat bottom about 2 1/2 feet across.) I figure I can step down to the edge of the water then take a big step across and only the heel of my shoe should get wet. I have long legs, no problem. I took one step onto the concrete—and you know what happened then.

I slid down about a foot before my foot flew up (with the other foot) to about head level—or what would have been head level had my head not now been crashing down to about knee level as I landed ever so gracefully on my right side in the water. I managed to keep my face and head from hitting the concrete by catching myself on my right hand—the back of my right hand. My feet and right leg where laying in two inches of water and I had managed to splash enough that my shirt
was 80% drenched—even my hair got wet!

And I still had to walk to the shop to get my truck! Oh! My toes when ‘squish-squish’ with every step! How embarrassing is that? I walked in to pick up the truck soaked from head to toe. Thank god there was an extra shirt in the truck. I sat around in half wet clothes the rest of the day. When I got to mason to hang out with J——-, K– and S——I had to borrow a pair of socks as my where still soaking wet!

And the clutch is still not right—now it is too loose!


cash go down the hole…

Nearly $1400 dollars later… at least my truck shifts smoother than glass…