prophets of an Orwellian world

Sunday A few people went with me to see Al Gore give a speech on “Security and Freedom” at DAR Constitution hall. It was a very good speech—if you want to read it (or see it via web-cast) click here [ ]. I’ll let the speech speak for itself. I can’t write that good. A lot of good quotes and points that need to be made—and made loudly. A great addition of reading Gore’s speech is an article in The Economist last week: Rights to Remember, by Harold Hougju Koh from Yale. You can read it here [ ]

Both Gore and Koh are talking about what is the most important issue facing the US today—and thereby the whole world (though things like war and starvation surly overshadow it in many places); the issue of freedom verse security. Many of the knee jerk anti-terrorism laws and actions of the Bush administration undermine the very foundations of our country. Though most of the things they have done are not new (most have their basis in actions taken by previous administrations during armed conflicts) they, like the actions they are based on, must be repealed. I will not trade fear of terrorism for fear of my own government. I think the government would be a more terrorizing and imminent threat.

Anyway, just read the two articles.