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August 7th, 2003

Or at least one toy! My CTO took me an some others out today to buy test mobiles with MMS capabilities. I would have liked the T-Mobile one, but one of the other guys who has seniority got that. C’est la vie, he kinda wrote most of the system so… I would not have a job without him. Anyway, I got a Verizon LG camera phone. Which I have been playing with non-stop since… I love toys! Say ‘cheese’ your on candid-beggs-phone-camera!

2 Responses to “toys!”

Playing with none stop? Yeah! SERIOUSLY! Taking pictures of… well, menus! People! Cars! Random natural things!

Hey beggs, sorry about that, wasn’t aware you wanted that phone… seniority my a@$… but it sucked anyway, as you know, and mine doesn’t have the fancy hacker menus that yours does ;-)

Nice website, BTW!