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one of those little annoyances

Monday, October 31st, 2005

One of my least favorite things is the time between my blackberry buzzing and my Outlook showing me a new message. The buzzing crackberry is not so annoying when I am away from my computer—It buzzes and if I’m in a good mood I look at it. But when I am at my computer and the damn thing buzzes on my hip I sit and wait for the little popup window thingy in the corner of my screen to tell me Outlook knows there is a new email.

Why? Because it’s easier to look at email on my computer screen. Because if I look at the email on my crackberry it won’t show up in the unread emails on Outlook. And because I am loath to be that connected, it’s just wrong—the leash is for when I’m away from the computer. You don’t keep you dog on the leash when your inside (do you?).

But OH! the annoyance of waiting for Outlook to update. The antici…pation. I don’t get any work done in that 40 or 60 seconds. God I must waste a good 10 minutes a day just waiting for my computer to catch up with my crackberry! Why are email clients pull based? Why can’t the server push a note to my computer when I am connected? Oh the humanity!


Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

So as soon as the new video ready iPod []—I’ll take two please, black!—came out the ‘video podcast was on. So how long before iPorn or porncasts? Weekly subscriptions to a 10, 20 or 30 minute video of for favorite girl or fetish? Can I patent this idea?

Washington, DC, USA — July 2005

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005


In the more pictures that I have neglected to upload you can now find these photos from Washington DC (and Arlington VA.) This photos were taken when Candice and I were in DC at the end of August.

Nothing spectacular here but a few nice shots of Arlington National Cemetery [] and of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial []. There are also a few nice Flower pictures. Enjoy

steal these photos!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

S—— just pointed out to me that someone is using one of my photos from flickr [] on their website. Of course there is nothing wrong with this. I list all my flickr photos under the Creative Commons [] Attribution [] license. So anyone is welcome to use them. I actually think it’s kinda cool that someone is using a pic. (This pic in question is here [] and the website using it (currently) is ova’ he’re [])

Sweet Jebus! I’ve been published on the web! As a photographer!

Coming (back) to America

Friday, October 7th, 2005

Events beyond my control (and people beyond my ability to smite) have compled me to head back to the US for a few weeks to work with some guys there. I don’t actually expect to have much time to do anything but maybe I can catch up and have dinner with some people I missed last trip.