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Where Laptops Should not be Taken

November 13th, 2006

I’ve seen people driving and talking on their cell phone. I’ve seen people driving and typing on their blackberry. I’ve heard people in the restroom talking on their cell phone. I’ve seen guys typing on their blackberry in the restroom. But today I saw a guy standing in the rest room taking a piss and typing on his laptop with one hand while holding it with the other.

I can’t believe there is anything in the world so important that one needs to type on their laptop while taking a piss at a urinal.

One Response to “Where Laptops Should not be Taken”

Most likely he was driving a car through the laptop.

I can, disturbingly, understand having to use the bathroom in the middle of a phone conversation. What I’ve never understood was what couldn’t wait long enough for you to FINISH in the bathroom to start a conversation.