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A quake, a quake

August 25th, 2011

Virgina Tech seismograph scan of the August 23, 2011 earthquake near Mineral, Virginia.

That’s what a 5.9 looks like for a hundred plus miles away. Guess the needle can’t go back and forth far enough.

The quake, which had it’s epicenter outside Mineral, Virginia, was close to where I grew up. How close? Lets see:
Google Maps image of home and the epicenter.

Kinda close. Like 15 miles close.

Well, everyone I know seems to be OK. My dad was at home, and apparently slept through the whole thing. How bad could it have been? I understand it was the strongest quake to hit Virginia in more than 100 years. But there have been at least two other noticeable quakes [] in my lifetime produced from about the same area. I got a concussion from one, but was far enough away in DC that I didn’t feel the second one. Then there was the sonic boom everyone thought was an earthquake when I was in college…

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