greece trip summery

Ok, real travel review of Greece; It was cold, the coldest it has been in Athens in winter for 5 or 6 years, the temp hovered around freezing all 5 days. The only day it did not snow/rain/sleet was the day I went to the Acropolis, it was actually sunny, but the wind was a constant 20 miles an hour or so, making it feel really cold up on the Acropolis. I never realized how tall the Acropolis was, I know it was a big hill, but it is really big, more like a mountain than a hill. The ruins on the top are very cool, but (just my luck) all are covered in scaffolding while then do some reinforcement and renovations before the Olympics in 2004. The coolest thing about the whole trip was walking around the top of the Acropolis, walking on streets more than 2000 years old, and thinking to myself, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euripides, Demosthenes, Pericles, and countless others who helped to forge Western Civilization walked down these streets and stood in these buildings. I don’t know how to describe it but it made me feel giddy, in awe of everything, and insignificant.

On the front size of the Acropolis the Theater of Dionysus and the Odeon (amphitheater) are very cool. And on the back side you can walk down the old streets past really tiny ancient churches into the street market district. It goes on forever and is very crowded.

As for other things, I went to a monastery (can’t pronounce the name) that dates from the 6th century. That was very interesting, I have never actually been in a Eastern Orthodox church, lots of paintings of saints, lots of paintings of saints! At this monastery there is a place called the “hidden school” where the monks educated children during the Turkish occupation in the early 1800’s, in secret. It’s all dark undergrounds rooms with small alters and benches made out of granite.

I was going to spend a day at the museums, but that ended up as a disaster… The museums are not centrally located and the subway does not get very near them, and since I cannot read the bus signs it was decided that my host’s mother would drop me at the Benaki Museum on her way to work, and then after a few hours she would pick me up and take me to the national museum. So at 9am she dropped me in front on the Benaki and said she would pick me up at 12 to go to the National. OK, sounds fine. So she drove off and I went up to the Museum, but when I got there I found out that it was not the Benaki, it was the Museum of Cyclidic art. Oh, well I said, I will just explore this one for three hours and then go to the National. The museum was cool, there was an exhibit of all the stuff they dug up when they built the metro last year. Very cool. Anyway, when I left at 11:30, (the museum was not too large so I actually got to see it all in less than 3 hours.) I went out side into the rain/sleet to wait for my ride on the corner of the street. At 1:00 I got a little worried and went back inside to try and call my ride, I could not get a hold of her, but got her office and they said that she was looking for me. I tried to tell them that I was not at the Benaki but, looking back, I don’t think their English was good enough to understand what I was saying. I think they just heard Benaki and went with it. Well I went back outside to wait under the false impression that I had explained that I was not at the Benaki but at the Cyclidian Art Museum. A 2:30 I decided that something was really wrong, and I went to make another phone call, but the Museum closed at 2… Damn so I walked down to a convenience store and managed to get a calling card for the pay phone. I tried my rides cell phone again but no luck (I think she gave me the wrong number!) so I called my friend C—- at home, and spent the next 10 minutes trying to explain where I was, which is not very easy when you cannot even pronounce the street names because they’re in Greek! Finally he said he knew where I was and would send his mom to get me. So I wondered back over to the street corner and waited another 30 minutes in the snow. Finally, just after 4 my ride showed up! I was cold, wet and tired after 4+ hours in the cold, rain, and wind! And it turned out that I was three blocks from the Benaki and that my ride had been running around the block the Benaki was on for 4 hours and has even called the US embassy, she was so worried about what happened. We drove around the area and she realized that she dropped me in the wrong place! Aaaah! Anyway I have been quite sick for the past few days because of that! Oh well, c’est la vie!

Anyway, Greece was fun. I hope I can make it back in the summer on my inter-railing adventures.


what I learned in greece

Ok, just got back from Greece, must sleep!

Greece in 60 seconds or less:

  1. Old Shit!
  2. More Old Shit!
  3. Random Headless Statues everywhere (see also 1 & 2 for more info on statues)
  4. Things that look like words but have strange symbols in them… like math equations!
  5. Dogs everywhere, even sleeping at the Acropolis!
  6. Rules of driving:
    1. control lines are just general guidelines.
    2. stop signs are suggestions.
    3. stop lights are for decoration and can be ignored.
    4. Offense, Offense, Offense…

Must sleep now, will write more latter…


the truth about the internet

[The internet] is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea—massive, difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it.

Gene Spafford aka “spaf”, originally speaking about just the Usenet part of the Internet



Well I turned in my abortion [] essay today, which means I am done with school till exams in January! Take a look at it and tell me what you think, I am not satisfied with it. I also managed to get a 5 day europass (train ticket) and a Eurostar reservation for the 21st so I can head off to Denmark to celebrate Christmas Danish style (whatever that means, I really don’t care as long as it is fun and I get to spend Christmas with C——.) As for the mean time I am jaunting off to Greece for a week to see my friends. (God! I’ve always wanted to say something like that! I love the fact that Europe is so damn small!) Anyway, I have no idea how many more post there will be to my journal between now and second term in January. So I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, hope you have a great (insert PC holiday name here) this year. I will be thinking about all of you. Here’s to hopping New Years finds you drunk and participating in some form of debauchery that is new to you!



the good, the bad and the ugly

The good: Updated confusion, tell me what you think…
The bad: Still have not finished my Abortion essay…
The Ugly: I’m sick…


rave-o-matic toilet

Step right up and try the new Rave-o-matic toilet! Complete with variable speed strobe light!

* music not included.

* * * * *

I have recently become aware that going to the bathroom in my dorms has become a surreal experience. The fluorescent light seams to have developed turrette’s syndrome—it cannot stop flashing. Now when it was just a little bit of a dimming effect that was one thing, but as it has now lost it completely and blinks on and off with a disturbing irregularity it has become increasingly hard to aim. I experiance the classic club problem of depth-perception-gone-haywire and tripped out things-that-are-standing-still-look-like-they-are-moving-syndrome every time I go into the bathroom. This has made taking care of bodily needs numbers one and two a real chore as I have to go down to another floor to perform said acts! I don’t think I am asking much when I ask for a consistent source of light while I am in the bathroom, am I? Even at the worst raves I have been to the strobe lights where not in the bathrooms. I mean they could at least install some nice Bose 901 speakers and a couple of BIG amplifiers so I can blast the techno while I…. um yea… well… I have to go to bed now…


very old places…

I went to see Beaner this weekend before he heads off, back to North American and places where color has no u in it. We just kinda chilled out for the day. We went on a quest to find the island where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis took many a walk, and though we don’t know if we ever found it, we did find an absolutely amazing garden, filled with gigantic trees, and quiet glades. Then after a nice home made dinner we went out to explore the tavern history of Oxford. Our first stop was a place called the “Turf Tavern” build in the 15th century. This place has character—it oozes with it. The ceiling is lower than six feet and the tavern has a total of about 6 tables in three rooms each smaller than my dorm. But it also has two court yards, complete with ivy covered walls older than the US and pit fires to keep you warm when the beer just does not cut it. Then after deciding it was just too cold to sit outside we wandered into “the oldest tavern in Oxford”—the Bear, founded 1242! We decided that it was not in the original building, but the building it was in was significantly old enough to suffer from the same problems as the Turf, low ceilings and a sever lack of seating.

Anyway all this old buildings combined with walks through statue filled gardens and forest paths managed to bring out the DM in both J——- and myself and we had decide to dive full force into map making and world building…