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Delayed identical twin

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

“The birth of a delayed identical twin is not going shake western civilization.”

Gregory Stock, in a 2003 TED Talk []

The quote is from about the nine minute mark. Talk about a brilliant turn or phrase. By replacing “clone” with “delayed identical twin” the whole argument is re-framed. Identical twins are not identical; different fingerprints, different hair swirls, different people. Thinking of clones that way make a lot of sense. The whole talk is good, refreshing, a positive view of a subject normally dominated by dystopian sci-fi scenarios.

Steal these photos! Again!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

All my public photos on my Flickr account [] are released under the Creative Commons, Attribution License []. This means that no one has to seek my permission to use the photos for any work, be it commercial or non-commercial. A lot of people do send me email via Flickr to tell me they have used a photo or to ask if I would be OK with them using one in a certain context.

It’s always fun to google myself or use Flickr’s click-through records to see new places that an image has been used. In addition to a number of blogs, my photos can be found in travel [] sites [], and there are currently 76 of my photos on Wikimedia Commons [] a few of which are actually used on Wikipedia pages. I even had one photo published [] as the cover of a text book. But today I came across, for the first time, one of my photos on a site I actually use (albeit a page I would not have come to without the Flickr click-through reports). I signed up to Dopplr [] last year, long after I visited Moscow, but one of my Moscow photos is now the backdrop for the Moscow Page []:

NB: you can see the original photo on Flickr [].

NB2: the original “Steal these photos” [] post was way back in 2005!