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Gold Coast, Australia, June 2013

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

In June the family took a short holiday to the Gold Coast in Australia. Took the kids to Sea World and Movie World and whale watching. Not much for photo taking but the whales and the beach sunset on the first day were great.

During the whale watching we got to follow a few whales for almost 45 minutes, and we saw dolphins along side the whales and even a sea turtle. Unfortunately we didn’t see the whales breach but lots of surfacing for air – blow holes, humps and tails.

The beach was amazing, even in the southern winter the water was fairly warm – warmer than the air in fact. We played in the surf a lot, I think that Tori may have enjoyed the time at the beach better than anything else. The beach as Surfers Paradise — and in fact the whole town — reminded me of Gulf Shores and my granddads beach house when I was a kid. Wonderful shallow surf you could wade out in for a long way, sugar sand and all. It just had that small beach town feel, not like the mega tourist beach towns. I will have to take Tori and Livi back again just to play on the beach.


You can see the whole Gold Coast, Australia, June 2013 photoset on Flickr [].

The Bad Guys

Monday, December 9th, 2013

This post [] over at Gizmodo shows the official patch for the NROL-39 [] satellite launch:


This comment from Mariani [] sums it up best:

Any child who saw this logo in a TV show would immediately identify it as belonging to the Bad Guys. Who was the dipshit at NRO who thought this was a good idea? Or have they actually dropped the act and chosen this as their way of owning up to what they truly are, because buying revolving chairs and fluffy white Angora cats for every staff member to pet menacingly is just too expensive?

Yep, 80’s cartoons taught me that a giant octopus devouring the Earth is a bad guys wet dream.