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The internet is for porn and so is VR

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

I had coffee with an ex-colleague the other day who now works in a firm that has access to information from Deep Packet Inspection tools in various ISPs around the world. He said he was shocked to learn that more than 80% of traffic was pornography related — images or videos.

I’m not surprised. The internet is for porn [] and porn drives innovation — see the VHS for reference.

Further to this general line of though we discussed a great idea. Take the Oculus Rift [] mix in the GoPro [] camera, some paparazzi and some CGI artists and you Total Porn Recall. In which a highly motivated Porn company records a library of green-screened, Point-of-View sex with various models using the GoPro and then purchases some good Paparazzi photos of famous actresses which are used by their CGI artists to replace the porn actresses heads with the head of your favorite actress. Bingo – instant billionaire! (And you’ll need it to pay the lawyers!) Hell, throw in a mechanized Fleshlight and go for broke.