t—– part II

At the time I did not think too much about this phone call because, T—– was working very long days since she was concerned that we would not have enough money to move in to our apartment. About this time we had begun to buy furniture for the apartment and that morning, after taking M—— to T—–‘s grandmother’s, I went to arrange delivery of the bedroom set we where buying. My mother was co-signing for us since the set cost about a grand, and that is something I would come to regret later, but was thankful for at the time.

Over the next few weeks I did not see T—– much, there where a few nights she called and said she was going to crash at J—‘s. I brushed this off because J— usually worked the evening shift with T—–, and his car was broken down so she was driving him to and from work. Other days I worked day time and she worked nights, so the only time we saw each other was between when she got home early in the morning and I left for work a little while later. Everything came to a head on December fourth.

December fourth was a Monday, and over the past two day T—– had been moving the last of her things out of her grandmothers house and into the apartment. Most of the stuff we had purchased together and my things where still at my house. Because the bedroom set was not scheduled to be delivered till the fourth I was staying at my house and T—– and M—— where staying at her grandmothers. That morning she called me and asked if I could pick M—— and bring him to her at work around four because she was getting off at five and I had to be at work at five. I said yes, and I would see her at four-ish.



Back to T—–. Some time in mid November at 2 in the morning I awoke to the phone in my room.


“Brian? I have like 2 more hours of work to do, then I am going to take J— home, and I am about to die for sleep. I may sleep on his couch for a while before I come home.”

“Um, ok. I have to go to work early, I’ll take M—— to your Grandma’s for the day so you can work.”

“Ok, thanks. I won’t see you tomorrow because I have to be here at 4 till close.”

“I’ll come by and see you when I get off work, do you want me to pick you up any thing for dinner?”

“No. Anyway I have to go, I need to get this work done so I can get some sleep.”


why am I doing this?

Well since one of the main reasons for this web-site is to keep an online journal, I should probably start with a little background info. First off if you have not guessed already my name is Brian Jeffery Beggerly. I am 23 years old and about to head off to England to attend The City University of London for my last year of college.

The road to England has been a long and interesting one. The original idea goes way back to a childhood dream about attending school at Oxford. When I graduated high school (Albemarle High in Charlottesville, Virginia) I had no real plan. I attended Piedmont Virginia Community College, and took classes at the University of Virginia. Between the two schools, I attend full time for about a year. During that year I was also involved in a relationship with a girl I had first meet in high school. Teresa was the first time I was involved in a relationship where I thought about the future. Up till her my girlfriends, both long and short term where really no more than friends. But when Teresa and I began to get involved I took the relationship more seriously, because of M——.

M—— was Teresa’s son, he was six months old when I meet Teresa and almost a year when we began to seriously date. From nearly the fist time I meet M—— he called me ‘dada.’ I think, looking back, that my relationship with Teresa would not have gone on for long except for M——. I look back and can see that it was the feelings I had for M——, for being M——s ‘dada’ that caused me to pursue the relationship to the level I did.

Anyway, after about a year of dating Teresa and M—— moved in with me, into my parents house (that was a little weird, but my mother is way too nice). Once they where in my house, I became more of a father to M—— and took fewer classes so I could work full time (at Glenmore Country Club, but those are stories for another day.)

Late that year Teresa and I decided to get an apartment. After much looking around and debating we finally signed a lease in late October. Between the time we signed the lease and the date we were scheduled to move in, December 2, I quit my job at Glenmore. During November as we shopped for furnishings, for the apartment, and I looked for a job, Teresa worked long hours, and we got in many quarrels, mostly about stupid things, especially money. I finally settled on a job at Wal-Mart as seasonal help because I could not find another job cooking at a nice place.