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August 14th, 2002

necessity might be the mother of invention but I think boredom must be the father…

Random Ideas:

  1. New power source
  2. You know all that space between the interstates? The median, which is usually (at least in the country) overgrown with random trees and grasses. I say we bulldoze it level and put up those electricity generating windmills every 50 or 60 feet. How much extra power would that produce? I mean the heat rising off the roads must be enough to turn most of the windmills—and it’s not like we are using the land for anything else (except a few farmers who are growing hay or corn, but they could still grow it, they just have to do it around the windmill posts.) Now think how many miles of interstate, and other limited access roads there are in the US. I know that near big cities there is no median but a few Jersey barriers but everywhere else there is lots of land not being used. The government could rent it cheep to the power companies and that would help with the power shortages and it’s environmentally nice power! Given that the bulldozing of the medians might not be so environmentally nice-nice.

  3. The Debt
  4. I say we level a tax to go directly to the national debt. Now I see two ways of doing this. 1) charge a 1% tax on every sale—over everything and it goes strait to the debt, no where else, and as soon as the debt is gone, so is the tax! Or 2) two new taxes, one for companies of 5% of profits—strait to the debt, and one for individuals 1% of income—again strait to the debt and as with the sales tax, when the debt is gone so is the tax. Somehow I doubt people would like such a tax, and I know congress would not let it get by them without them sticking their greedy little hands in the cookie jar and diverting the money to some other project. But the dept needs to be paid, the US needs to step up and take responsibility and show the world that we will pay our debts.

  5. I know there was a third one…
  6. but I cannot remember what it was right now, so I will stop…

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