music euphoria and the music industries greed.

I sat down this morning in depression over not finding a job and lost my self in the frequencies and amplitudes of my music collection. This is the first time since I left for Europe 10 months ago that I have completely lost myself in my music. The feeling of sitting in front of a pair of big speaker with the lights off and completely giving yourself over to the sonic bombardment of your eardrums is one of the most enjoyable I know, and I have missed it. I am a music freak as anyone who really knows me can attest to. My CD collection has, at times topped a thousand CD’s (why I don’t have them anymore is a story about a girl.) At present my music collection numbers somewhere in the 300’s and ranges from Anime soundtracks to Mozart, from Ella Fitzgerald to Nine Inch Nails, God Smack to Sarah McLaughlin, Phantom of the Opera, Tribe Called Quest and Skinny Puppy. I like music. And there is little better in the world than forgetting yourself in the beats and melodies of good music and felling the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as the tempo crescendos or the singer hits a high note.

Unfortunately, today, that feeling did not last long. As I sat down to write this journal entry I was listening to Rammstein’s Mutter. I checked my email and wrote a few replies then opened up and started to write; Rammstein played out and I slipped Shakira’s Laundry Service in… and my computer froze. It took me a few minutes to figure out what happened; the CD which I purchased used in England had a small note on it that I paid no attention to when I purchased it: “will not play on PC/MAC.” I did not pay attention to it when I purchased the CD because I normally run Linux which plays these so called “copy protected” CD’s with no problem. Anyway, I managed to save my journal entry but had to reboot my computer to get the CD out of the drive. I am going to call Sony Music Entertainment Holland B.V. tomorrow and request a new CD. How fucking dare these corporate big wig, greed driven fat cat’s call me a thief simply because I try to play a CD I purchased in my computer. How dare they accuse me of a crime before I have even had the chance to commit one? I purchase a lot of music, but if these ass holes do not provide me with a new, non-“copy protected” copy of Laundry Service I will boycott Sony Music—and I will down load all the music I would have purchased from these greedy fucks from the internet.

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No it did not lock up Linux — it locked up Windows. I did not ever think about the “will not play on PC/MAC” because it has never been a problem as I normally run Linux. However I am using my parents computer since I am broke and homeless at the moment. I just dropped the CD in and BOOM!!!! No BSOD but the computer decide to try to undercut the my Atari as the slowest computer in the house. Anyway, do you have any idea how to get a hold of the Sony ass holes who are behind this? I cannot seam to find so much as an email address or phone number for lodging a complaint!

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