i am beggs stream of thought…

beggs still needs a job, beggs needs a job now, beggs thought he might have a job at biap however it looks like corporate politics may have nixed that, in other words management restructured beggs out of a job, beggs cannot seam to get a reply from most companies he applies to and the ones he does get a reply from tend to be based in other countries and tell beggs that unless he has a work permit they cannot help beggs, so beggs is back to square one, beggs has sent out so many resumes that he is fed up with it and yesterday he decided to go and look at volunteer work around the world, now beggs thought that maybe beggs could just call up some volunteer agency and say that beggs would like to drive a land rover full of food and humanitarian type stuff through high mountain passes to starving peoples in parts of the world which beggs could not pronounce, but as beggs found out volunteering to help these charities is not easy, there are lots of questions to be answered and they expect you to pay for the privilege of helping to distribute their charity, now beggs understands that beggs would have to pay for his own airfare and stuff but finds it confusing that he has to pay the charity like he is going on vacation because this is not archeology or something this is humanitarian relief and beggs just wants to help for a while, beggs has no money and so beggs cannot pay to help the poor people beggs is the poor people so beggs filled out a peace corps application and if beggs does not have a job by the end of next month beggs will send in the application and the peace corps will send beggs to some part of the world with a name that beggs cannot pronounce and beggs will work there for two years and have fun but when beggs gets back beggs will be broke and without a job back at square one, now beggs is going to quit writing in beggs livejournal because beggs is tired of referring to beggs in the third person and beggs needs to keep looking for a job.