new york, new york!

Well, I did get to go to New York City over the weekend. I apologize for this posting being on Wednesday but I did not have time Monday after I got back and I went to DC with J███████ on Tuesday to the National Gallery.

Anyway, I caught the train on Friday from Union Station at noon, got the New York Penn Station at 3:15—and hour ahead of what I told A█████. The reason I was early was I reserved a ticket for the train that got in at 4:30 but when I looked at the schedule at Union Station that train was an express and my ticket was not good for express trains, they told me I could take the one that was an hour earlier. It’s a good thing I took a ride in to the Metro at 9am with Mike, otherwise I would have been really late! As it was I still had two hours to kill in Union Station—so I bought an issue of the Economist, have not read that since I got back to the US!

I got to Penn station early so I grabbed a slice of good old New York Pizza –Yum!– and read the rest of the Economist while I waited for 4:30. However at 4:30 A█████ was not there, at 5:00 I had him paged, at 5:30 I had him paged, at 6:00 I had him paged and at 6:30 as I was walking over to have him paged yet again I found him. Turned out that he had to work late because the S&P decided to take all foreign stock out of the index, I don’t know he works with stocks and this was a major problem!

We got back to his house at like 7:30 and Sherman had just showed up! So we decided to go out and get some beer and have a night of movies at his house. We ate lots of New York Bagels and watched way too many movies over night—and drank a little.

Next morning we headed to Coney Island, about a mile walk from A█████s house, for the afternoon. We walked along the board walk, got something to drink and rode the Cyclone. A good time was had, I actually managed to get a sun burn on my face and shoulders which have now returned to there natural color—they make Casper look ethnic!

Anyway, we headed out and went clubbing Saturday night, the first place we went was not happening so we headed to a second place that was very good, Central… something or another. Sherman got trashed out of his mind, and on the way into the city I sprained my ankle! We stayed out till 6:00am, had breakfast with a couple of girls A█████ knows who where on their way back from the city at the same time as us, then crawled into bed to sleep the whole day.

We all got up in the early afternoon and watched TV while Sherman worked through his hangover so he could drive home! He left about 5:00 so he could get a good nights sleep and head to work the next morning. A█████ and I went to a baseball game, Coney Island Cyclones, for a while. Watched some friends of his taunt the visiting team in true New Yorker style before they decided to taunt the guy who asked them to stop being so loud.

Sunday night A█████ and I went into the city to catch a movie and dinner with his girlie, Melissa. I think A█████ should have gone to bed because he had to get up at 4:45am and got to work Monday, and Melissa and I both said that we where fine with just hanging out for a while and leaving early, but he insisted on going to see Road to Perdition. I think he just wanted to spend more time having fun and being out with his girlie. Anyway, we dropped her at her place at just after midnight and proceeded to drive back to Brooklyn. Of course since A█████ wanted to get to bed ASAP there was construction on the Battery Tunnel and it took twice as long as it should have, but we did make it to bed just after 1:00am.

Monday morning—at 4:45, we got up and got ready, so we could catch the 6:00am train into the city. A█████ headed to work and I headed to Penn Station. My original plan was to stow my bag at the station and head down the the harbor to go to Liberty and Ellis Island for the day, but since my ankle hurt and there was a 7:10 train back to DC I just grabbed a Coke and hoped on board. I’ll do Liberty and Ellis some other time.

It was a great weekend, got to see Sherman and A█████ again and get drunk and dance—just like in London! I have to go see them again soon, or better yet, when I get an apartment they have to come to DC to see me! The whole weekend can be summed up with what Sherman said when he saw A█████ and Me: “Dude, it’s so weird to see you too and not be in London. Man I miss you guys!”

Now I have to go, C██████ will be back today—that’s gonna be weird since I am at the Mische’s! and there are two Dutch teenagers coming to stay here for a couple days on some church exchange! It’s going to be a circus here! Ciao!