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around the world

October 13th, 2004

Well not quite. But I will be traveling for work:

London: Oct 19th—23ed

Virginia: Oct 23—31st

Paris: Nov 1st—5th

I would like to catch up with people. Alas many people I do not have phone numbers for as I lost my phone a few weeks ago and some of the number were not backed up…

4 Responses to “around the world”

Suddenly I feel like I’m at the wrong company… that’s a lot of travel from Singapore!! Damn!

I hope you have a good frequent flyer program. :) Rack up those miles!

Try to enjoy your trip…get ready for more complains on work when back to singapore.

Your blog gives a sad moody feeling…Cheer up…

if my blog gives a sad moody feeling it is because I use it as a place to write about things that bother me. I have often used it to voice opinions and tell funny stories but lately most of what I have felt compeled to write about has been things that bother me because I don’t have anyone to voice those things to in person.