latent psychic powers manifest

Normally I don’t have dreams I can remember but I had a strange dream on Saturday night (most likely this is somehow related to the level of alcohol in my blood when I passed…went to sleep.) This particular dream I only remember parts and the part I remember best was sitting in my parents back yard and digging in the ground. Why was I digging? I was collecting the buried Star Wars action figures I had left there years before. For some reason there where groups of three or four of these figures scattered around the back yard. I have no idea why I was collecting these long lost childhood toys just that I needed to find them all.

What does the title of this entry have to do with my intoxicated mental musing? On Sunday I called my mother to catch up—trying to get a hold of someone when you have a 12 hours time difference is a real pain and I had not talked to her in a month so I thought I should call her. Anyway, at one point she said ‘Oh, guess what I found while working in the back yard yesterday?’ I had absolutely no idea, I mean it could have been anything right? Wrong; ‘I found a couple of your old Star Wars figures where the old sand box used to be.’

How crazy is that?

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My friend, you’ve gone to Asia and become enlightened. You now possess mental powers of great acuity. So what lottery numbers should I play?

Next task:

How do Star Wars figures look after they have been lying burried in the ground for 20 years? (channel the figures and write me back :)

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