tomatos as office food.

Ok, so I get to work this morning and as I walk through the kitchen which divides our offices in half what to my wondering eyes should I see? A pile of tomatoes on the counter complete with a little post-it note that said “help yourself.” Staring down at this offense to office food I said at the top of my lungs;

“Most people bring donuts or cookies, a few people bring fresh cantaloupe or pineapple, [that would be J████ :) ] but who the hell brings TOMATOES?”

The only reply I got was a few chuckles from nearby offices. So I continued on my way to my office in disgust dreaming about donuts and cookies, or even cantaloupe and pineapple.

One reply on “tomatos as office food.”

today in my office appeared a HUGE basket of tomatoes covered by something resebling wilted collard greens with the caption, “Help Yourself”, …though we also got brownies and lemonade, so NA NA!

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