first “what the fuck!” expirience of the year.

September 26th, 2001

ok, so I have finally gotten settled in here at City… Dorms suck but whats new…?

Anyway, as the title of this post says, I had my first “what the fuck!” experience today. I was on my way out of the building to run some errands. I got into the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby (I am on the sixth floor), and down I went. The elevator stopped at another floor on the way down and the doors opened. A girl lugging a rather large, and rather empty by the sound of it suitcase clambered in.

“Hello, you a freshman too?” she asked.
“No, exchange student actually, in my last year.” I answered.
“Oh. What university you from?”
“George Mason, but the program is through Syra…”
“Oh, right, your Brian?”
“Brendan told me about you, I was at the IMO.”

This planet is too small, I’m going to Jupiter!

One Response to “first “what the fuck!” expirience of the year.”

OMG… that is really funny. You didn’t happen to get a picture of yourself?