first “what the fuck!” expirience of the year.

ok, so I have finally gotten settled in here at City… Dorms suck but whats new…?

Anyway, as the title of this post says, I had my first “what the fuck!” experience today. I was on my way out of the building to run some errands. I got into the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby (I am on the sixth floor), and down I went. The elevator stopped at another floor on the way down and the doors opened. A girl lugging a rather large, and rather empty by the sound of it suitcase clambered in.

“Hello, you a freshman too?” she asked.
“No, exchange student actually, in my last year.” I answered.
“Oh. What university you from?”
“George Mason, but the program is through Syra…”
“Oh, right, your Brian?”
“Brendan told me about you, I was at the IMO.”

This planet is too small, I’m going to Jupiter!

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