bomb? what bomb!?!?!?

Well it apears that my last post did not make it, oh well it was not that good anyway. However I do have some quite intertaining news. It apears that at 11 am this morning a World War Two bomb was unearthed in a builing site which is right next to my dorms! And somehow I missed this! Damn it, I was sleeping in my networks and communications class! Ah, I would much rather have been evacuated, I would have much rather stood in the street hopeing that the whole block would go up in a giant firework! (do I pass all my classes by default if everything I own goes up in a 60 year late explotion?)

Anyway, two of my friends where here and they tell it as a quite interesting story… Seams that every Wednesday morning is “fire alarm test” morning. R█████ uses the 11 am alarm to tell him it is time to get up and take a shower. So when the fire alarm when off he started to gather his towel and soap. Meanwhile Alax noticed that the alarm was still going off… strange as it usually only last a few seconds. Upon opening his door and seeing the cleaning lady, he asked her what was going on. She laughed and said that it would go off in a sec, they tested the alarms ever Wednesday. A minute later R█████ came out of his room to take a shower, and A███ sees him. By this time the cleaning lady was beginning to wonder so they all decide to go down stairs to see what was up. Dresses in boxers and slippers they reached the lobby and where ordered to evacuate the building by a police officer. Only outside, in the wind and cold did they find out that a construction crew next door had unearthed a World War two bomb, still intact.

Now that is an intersting story, and I missed it! What am I going to tell my kids years from now? That I missed the bomb threat because I was in class, sleeping? D’oh!

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So essentially what you are saying is that when there is an emergency in your dorm at 11 am everyone is fucked? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of a drill?

And this morning they set off the fire alarms 3 times to test them, since they did not acctually perform the test yesterday, and everybody ignored it again. The conclusion I draw from this is if there really is a fire, or another bomb, then we are all going to die. I just hope I die quickly, the idea of a slow, painfull death does not enthuse me much. I think I prefer the bomb over the fire… considering most people who are killed by fire die from smoke inhalation (i.e. they suffocate) and the bomb they found was a WWII bomb (famous for taking out whole city blocks, and it was right out my window.) On second thought, I kinda like my life and would prefer to live it a while longer…. Hum… must ponder more…

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