how does one say bail in flemish?

Because C██████ and myself may well be arrested this weekend. Why? Well here is the story:

Early last summer, (boy that seams like a long time ago!) C██████ and I were listening to the radio one morning when the DJ, Elliot from DC101, said he would pay $1000 to anyone who could get a picture of the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels wareing an “Elliot in the Morning” tee shirt. So come the end of summer, after much headache, and busy phones, C██████ got ahold of Elliot and told him that She was going to be in Europe for the year, and if he would send her a tee shirt she would try to get him his picture, he said he would still pay $500 for the pic and he would send the shit to her. One FedEx box latter C██████ packed an “Elliot in the Morning” tee shirt into her luggage and hopped a plane to Europe.

Now its been a couple of months since that happend, but this weekend C██████ and myself are going to Brussels to run amok and try to put the DC101 Shirt on the Manneken Pis. However having done some homework, I have learned that the statue is fenced in. So we may have to get completly trashed in order to try this (no problem, its Belgum, they have lots of beer!) Anyway there is a possablity they we could get arrested, in which case that $500 may come in handy, and the ability to say “bail” in flemish may be a required skill…

Wish us luck!