what do I do?

I was sitting in the Pheasant last night with some of the Girls from Hayworth Hall and this guy came up to our table.

“Hello,” he said, “you all look like nice college type men and women.”

“Yea, we go to City,” we all replied nodding our heads.

“Excuse me I am a little pissed, (NB: British for drunk \beggs) but I have a question for you.”

“Ok, I said.”

“If you can answer this question you’ll be up there with some of the most intelligent people. So the question is what do I do? I have the most unique job in the world, there is no job as unique as mine, they make documentaries about it.”


“I one asked a lawyer in New York this question and he is the only one to answer it correctly. I work in central London, and have the most unique job in the world.”

“You own a pub, this pub?” I asked.

“No, you can own a pub anywhere, what I do is unique to London.”

He then proceeded to repeat the story about the lawyer and his job being unique. And somewhere along the line I realized I have heard a similar discourse before.

“Your a taxi driver in central London.” I said.

“That’s right! I knew you where an intelligent bloke.”

A few more quick words on Jazz and he shuffled off around the bar. Then P███████ turned to me and asked me how I knew the answer…

“He sounded like a New York Taxi driver I once had the pleasure of riding with.”

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Does that mean that all Taxi drivers believe that they are the source of their city’s cultural identity? Or did I just miss the point here? Did you win anything? I think I would have ran after him until he gave me my prize. You did not happen to give the manequin pis pics to Steve did you? I was going to try and get the money for you when I get home since you were the one who actually took all the risks in that endeavor (If I did anything, I think I was the designated heart-attack victim… :) Take care, Carolyn

Talk about a bit of ego! Hm… but then you run into all sorts of people in pubs. Or the underground. =)

You ever go back to CyberDog?

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