wax nastalgic…

Well it’s Friday night 11:10pm local time, and I have finished classes, and projects. I know I still have exams in a little more than a month, but effectively I am done with school. As soon as my exams are done and my grades make there way back to GMU I will be awarded my diploma. Funny thing is I do and don’t want to be done with college. I guess everyone goes through this—I will miss the college life, but not the homework. I will miss the learning, but not the required classes that where not fun.

My immediate plan is to travel, I leave for Paris tomorrow afternoon—I don’t have a hotel room, and I am meeting my sister at the airport Sunday at 11am… this will be fun. Anyway I will spend a week in Paris then put Jennifer back on a plane next Sunday and I have a month to go where ever. I have a interrail pass good for all countries in Europe (plus Morocco and mainland Turkey, but not Russia and Poland or Romania or the Ukraine or… well at least it’s good for Western Europe and a few of the former Eastern block countries—more places than I can get to in a month.) My current plan is to head South to the French Riviera then to Switzerland to see C███████ for a day, then on to Italy for a week and a few days—want to see Milan, Venice, Verona, Florence, Siena, Rome and Napoli… we’ll see. After that it’s back across Southern France and into Spain—Barcelona, Ibiza, Granada, Madrid, then on to Morocco just so I can go to Casablanca and send Rachel a post card form the namesake of her favorite movie! After that I plan to hit Portugal—just Lisbon I think, then back to school to take exams… Think I can do it all?

The problem is what to do after exams—the original plan was to travel again, through central and Eastern Europe, down the Danube and around to Istanbol and Greece… But I don’t have a job yet, and that is starting to concern me. I would like to stay in Europe… At least for a few years—and no, it’s not just because I am dating as Swiss girl, though that has made it more desirable, but I have wanted to stay since before I met her. The issue here is lack of an EU passport—I am qualified for the jobs, but no one will consider me because I don’t have an EU passport or a work permit (and you need a job to get a work permit!) If I cannot stay in Europe then my first choice is to go back to Genesis but I am skeptical as to the chances of them being in a position to hire me. So I don’t know, and this is causing me an existential crisis—not worthy of Camus or Sartre, but looming there before me like the Monolith—”My God. It’s full of stars!.”

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Well, like bloody likely you are going to read this anytime soon, but whenever.

You don’t know how much I am going to have to visit you if you do stay in Europe. Someone has to bring you fresh cookie! I could see what is concerning you, but I really don’t know what I could say to it. Check out the career services with City University? There aren’t too many options really. Though, well, where are you registared to vote? Up here (Fairfax) or still in C’ville? Could see what my mother could dig up.

Anyhow, my best wishes to you in your travels. Be safe, and take some pictures. I envy you somewhat, being able to do this. I don’t know if I will ever get that chance.

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