me no study!

This whole being back in England thing is not working for me… Every time I sit down to study I end up doing nothing for hours on end. I spend two hours reorganizing all directory/file structure of my laptop today! I think my mind is rebelling against doing any real studying because it believes it should be in Spain right now.

Anyway in all my killing of time I have played around with my website, I put up a bunch of background imaged I have created over the past year for my laptop. Just in case anyone thinks they are cool (and because I wanted to play around with an HTML tag I just discovered; “fieldset”) I made a nice beautiful page for them—here.

The aforementioned page no longer exists… deal with it.

I have also been doing some writing, finished one short story, about 2 pages, and halfway through another one. When the second one is finished I will post them both for criticism. Anyway, it’s 1:50 in the morning—I’m gonna get some Z’s. Ciao!