First off: I am tired of substituting mental masturbation for true intellectual intercourse! I seam to be surrounded here in England by a bunch of fucking high schoolers, who could not carry on an intellectual conversation if they had a fucking Encyclopedia Britannica shoved up their asses! There are a few people capable of having a grown up conversation, but they are hard to pin down as they are busy. (I would like to explicitly exclude a few people from the above stereotype: C███████, A█████ and Chris.)

Second off: What the fuck is wrong with the French? Oh no wait I know: they’re French! Nuff said. (if you have know idea what I am talking about get your head out of wherever you have it stuck and pay attention to the world.)

Third off: The Middle East: I think at this point with most of the world screaming that America should stop all of this, we (America) should land about half a million marines on the Mediterranian cost of Israel and tell them to kill anything with a gun, a bomb, a bottle of alcohol, a rock or any other thing that could possibly be construed as a weapon till they get to Syria, then turn around and do it again! Then we should write a new fucking constitution for Israel and Palistine!

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