suicide (homicide) bombers in the US?

OK, now Americans are being warned that their may be suicide (or as the Bush administration now calls them homicide) bombers planning to hit America. Now, I cannot see worse thing for Islamic militants to do (excuse me for jumping to conclusions but based on the what I have seen most suicide bombers are Islamic militants.) Americans already have little sympathy for the “plight” of Palestinians, and little love of Islam in general thanks to the violent interpretation of the teachings which have lead to the Intifada, the Taliban and many plane hijackings and bombings in the past 25 years. If militants decide to bring their dynamite hugging ways to Americans soil then they will have signed a blank check for Bush and the American war hawks. I do not want to seem as though I am waving a pro-America/anti-Islam flag here, but the entire Arab world would be hard pressed to stand against the full might of the American war machine—and that is what will be unleashed on them, sooner or later, if suicide bombers come to America… unless the leaders of these countries (an Palestine) can find a way to curb the terrorist instincts of their malcontents.