bon voyage!

Well, as soon as I finish this posting I will turn off my laptop, back it in my bag and head downstairs to wait for the cab which will take me to Heathrow to catch my plane back to the US.

And so my year abroad comes to an end… Bitter sweet—I want to see home and friends and get a job, but I would have liked to get that job in Europe and stay here for a few years, while I am still young.

Much in my life has changed over the past 9 months; there has been pain, joy, disappointment and awe. I have a new canon of stories to tell but it remains to be seen if I will be telling them to the same people I told my C’ville stories to.

I will see many of you soon, most for the first time since I left. Some of you will not be around for a while, and I will eagerly await your return, and some of you I will have to wait too long to see as I am leaving you now. But to all of you I say, thank you for being my friends and keeping in touch. I miss you all.


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A bottle of wine, so home cooking, and a bit of conversation, and then we can send you back. =) BTW, do you return emails?

I hope its going okay back in the land of unlimited possibilites… I had a kind of odd conversation with your dad the other day when I called to see if you were back yet. Anyhoo, my foot has recovered, perhaps enough that I may be capable of doing homework again in a few weeks instead of drinking ostensibly to ease the pain… im not really that bad :) Take good care… it just occured to me that as of tommorrow I will have known you for two years…

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