Website Statistics

Ok, here is an interesting one; I took a look at the site statistics for confusion last month and found some interesting things.

The total number of hits to confusion last month was 1168 or 44 a day on avarage. Where did all these hits come from? Well by it breaks down like this:

  • 43% where people already on the site clicking on a new page.
  • 25% where from US based .com, .net or .org sites.
  • 12% came from Switzerland, we know who that was :)
  • 8% where unresolved—whatever that means.
  • 5% originated in Australia. Hello down under!
  • 3% of visitors came from Denmark. Wonder if I know them?
  • 2% where from US .edu’s—I most likely do know them.
  • And 2% where from Jamaica, you got to love that! True gloabality!

I also noticed that G████’s site—codejunkie is listed a couple of times in the referrers log. Thanks Garth for linking to me. I checked out the site, looks nice.

Kind of cool to see where the hits come from, I did not realize that the site was actually being seen by other people, last month people from Google, Google Canada, Yahoo search (powered by Google), and Yahoo Australia search (also powered by Google) and even someone from a Slashdot story I posted a comment to have stopped by. All in all encouraging knowing people actually visit the site.