just another day at home.

With nothing to do… Well that’s not quite true. I played around with confusion for a while again, but not really anything to look at. The most important thing I did today was a phone interview. The interview was for Appian Consulting in Tyson’s Corner.

I don’t think I did to well in the interview—not good at interviews to begin with and not a good phone person, I just don’t know what to say when I cannot see the person I am talking to. The company sounds nice, a little more formal than I would like, but nothing that would kill anyone. Location is good, smack in the middle of Tyson’s Corner. The job itself sounds nice too—work of various projects over time using different technologies, exactly what I want. Maybe they will call to set up a real interview sometime.

Speaking of calling and interviews… The people I interviewed with over a week ago have not called me and they have not replied to my email. How rude! I don’t know, maybe it’s me, I got the cold shoulder from Biap for a month before I could track down someone and find out what was going on. I can understand it once but if it happens again then I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I need more deodorant or a couple of extra Tic Tac’s… something!

In other news: this is the “does C██████ still read this,” section. I went out to lunch with C██████ on Sunday. Just a kind of general catch up thing. Looked at some pictures and talked about the news, the world, fake meat, et al. Now lets see if she replies to this entry or, better yet, updates her VERY out of date journal