political silence.

I got a Job! With Lockheed Martin in Reston! Yea me. Anyway more on that as it develops—I don’t know all the details yet! But this brings up an interesting thought: I want to live in DC, someplace hip, cool, happening, whatever you want to call it—someplace with stuff to do, things I can walk to. Ok fine, I know I am going to have to pay a little but I’m ok with that. The problem I have with DC is not the rent; it’s the politics! Forget the fact that DC cannot seam to elect a non-crack addict to it’s mayors office they don’t have any real power anyway… which brings me to the root of the problem.

The reason that the Mayor of DC has minimal power is because anything that requires money has to be approved by congress! And the real bitch: DC does not get a vote in congress! This has been a sticking point for DC’ers for years, in fact their license plates say “Taxation without representation” right on them. I’ve never really thought much about it, I have always thought it was wrong, but never cared that much. Now if I’m going to live in DC, and especially given the current state of politics I would like to have a vote that counts (not like those people in Florida!) I don’t care if they make DC part of Virginia or Maryland’s Congressional districts, but come on, that whole war against the British was about taxes and representation wasn’t it? Or did I miss something? You think anything would happen if I refused to pay my taxes and then handcuffed myself to something in the capital till then gave DC a vote? I mean anything besides me getting severally beat down, very skinny and fired? What do you think would get congresses attention on this?

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We are looking at our d6s, d10s and d20s very fondly, Beggs. VERY fondly. The want to be rolled!

Congradulations on the job. I really do want to hear the details now! We will keep listening. And are ready to move things that need to be back in boxes.

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