gots me an edumacation!

It’s all ‘ficiall like now ’cause I done Gradumacated!

That’s right! It’s only been seven months since I had classes but GMU, Syracuse and City finally got their collective acts together enough to arrange for my transfer of credits and I have officially graduated! The paper works says I was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with Distinction on August 17, 2002. Ok who’s buying the Beer/Wine/Al-key and where is the party? Yea me!

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I think I would find a sugar daddy to pay for that party! Though, seriously, until you have the paper in your hand, and all the requisite documentation… I would NOT trust Mason. But GO YOU!

Now, what the hell does this “with distinction” really entail? Your 3.5+ GPA? Or major GPA? What?

House warming/graduation/moving party?

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