journal problems.

I spent today looking for a good solution to the issue I have with Livejournal, not being able to go back more than 75 entries on my page. I have not found a nice solution yet. I looked at a bunch of weblog authoring systems but the biggest problem is embedding them in my system. I think Movable Type is my best bet, but I am having some problems with it. Mostly with trying to import my old journal—half of that is because Livejournal does not have a nice way of exporting my old entries.

I guess I could just start over, but there are a few old entries I really want to keep. Also not having the old entries kind of goes against the whole reason for keeping a journal. I will look into it some more. If I had a linux box set up and a high speed connection I would just write my own system I think. But here at my parents house I only have dial-up access and Windows…