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So I spent all day (and most of the night!) installing and moving all my journal entries over to Movable Type. There are still some flaws in the design and layout, like why my span tags work in some places but not in other, but it is all usable now. I should point out that I used a Perl script called and direction which I found in this journal entry over at Much thanks! The only issue I had was getting the past comments into the system. There is no way to get them out of LiveJournal at present, so I went back and manually posted all the past comments into the new journal. Took a while and all the comments have October nine as their date but c’est la vie—it’ll do.

I hope the having a “comments” posting box right on the page will make it more enticing for people to comment on stuff. I really like the ability to browse back to past issues and such through the navigation on the bottom of the screen. And re-posting all the old entries and comments gave me a chance to read my old post. I really like some of them and others scare me. I also corrected some of the spelling. Looking back there are a few entries in which I promise that I will finish a story or something and then I never got around to it (things like the T█████ saga ( here [], here [], here [], here [] and here []) and my misadventures in Europe ( here [], here [], here [] and here []) and maybe now I will get around to finishing them… but probably not. The thing that struck me the most is that my entry for September 7, 2001 [] which was about the Taliban. Strange coincidence that they where in the news just days before everything happened.

Anyway, if you look around the site in the next few days and something is just not right don’t worry. I am working on fixing everything, if your are feeling in an especially helpful mood send me an email of what looks wrong. Ciao.

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Okay, so you can “flip” through the posts one at a time when you look/comment. Hm…. pretty sweet.

Just to keep in the back of your mind, some the the style sheets need to be changed, or removed. They are entirely unreadable. Or how about just remove the cookie setting javascript?

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