here we go again

looks like Bush is going to get his war—unless the 12,000 pages Iraq delivered to the UN today have something in them other than what the spokesman said. At the hand over to the UN today in Baghdad the spokesman said that the document verified that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction and no programs to create them.

Of course at the same time Saddam Hussain delivered a speach in which he called upon the people of Kuwait to resist the infidels and come together with Baghdad to resist the forces of London, Washington and Israel. So, here we go again—Bush is ready for war, Saddam is ready for war: start your engines it’s only really a matter of time (and timing for politics!) till the bombs start dropping. (oh yea on a really cheery note the US says that Iraq has enough “precursor” material to have produced 200 tones of VX gas—thats enough to whip out the world…)