only in britain!

The Ministry of Sound just announced that they are going to move Nelson’s Column To The Millennium Dome for their New Years Eve party. Now just in case you did not know Nelson’s Column has been in Trafalgar Square since 1843 and it is 165 feet tall (the Dome is 172 feet at it’s highest interior point so it’s a tight fit.) Now if this was any country but Britain and a night club asked to use a Laser cutter to disassemble a national monument, move it across town, reassemble it inside a stadium for a 15 hour party then move it back; the government would say “you are kidding aren’t you?” But not in Britain—they agreed! I have this sadistic hope that the thing is permanently messed up by all this, or even that it falls over while they are trying to put the pieces back together! Who in the government thought this was a good idea? And why?

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