postal robots

I had a very strange experience at the post office today. I was mailing a package to England and when I got to the counter this short rotund man in a very artificially happy and nice voice helped me. So it cost me $3.20 to send the package… and come to think of it, I believe that was the economy price which takes three weeks—I asked for the regular price which takes 4 to 7 days! Damn it! Anyway, after he said it cost $3.20 and I held out at five for him he asked if I needed any stamps, I said no as he took the five and began making change… then, while he was placing the change in my hand he said that I could pay today with cash, credit card or by check. Change in hand I began to walk away and he, still looking strait at where my face was 30 seconds ago said, thank you and have a nice day… Weird man. I think the post office must be replacing their employees with robots (which will cut down on the number of people who go ‘Postal’) but this robot was a little bit off.