alphabet v2.0

We should change the order of the English alphabet. ‘Q’ should be the first letter. Why? Because thats the way the key board is. ‘W’ should be second, then ‘E’ and so on. This will, of course, only work for the English alphabet and the English key board. Other languages will have to modify their alphabet accordingly.

Really this makes a lot of sense. I mean, if children are tought the alphabet in the same order as the key board they will be able to type faster. It used to be that all the keys on you key board, with the exception of a few like ‘enter’ and ‘space,’ where the same size and you could rearange the keys into alphabetical order—then, once you got used to it, you could type faster, because that is how your mind learned the alphabet.

I mean the only real reason of the whole alphabet thing is putting words in order, and how often do you do that by hand any more? Just selcect the right button on your computer and it does it for you. Now for those of us who learned the alphabet already this will be a little disconserting at first. But kids learning the alphabet now will have no problems, to them ‘Q’ will be the natural start of the alphabet—the rest of us will have to look at our key board when we need to order things by hand.

Phones will have to change too, but that won’t be so bad—everyone gets a now cell phone every year. So in a few years it won’t matter. This really is a good idea, I mean the arbitrary ordering of the alphabet makes now sense—just because the Greeks and Romans did it that way does not mean we need to!

So, tonight you should begin learning your ‘new’ alphabet, qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and to help you should practice by going and putting all the hanging folders in your file cabnets in the ‘correct’ order —and the spices on the spice rack!

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Nice alphabet, Brian. Since you suggested it, why don’t you be the first to learn it? Then we’ll follow suit. Lead by example. I expect to see your place arranged accordingly, when next I am there. And don’t think I won’t look! Mr Spice-in-the-right-order… : )

Well, as I have about four spices in my house I don’t think that will be a problem. Now if you really want to test me, check my cd’s!

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