moving on…

Well, it’s official, effective January 31, 2003 I will no longer be an employee of Lockheed Martin, and on February 3, 2003 I will be an employee of Inphomatch, Inc. I get to jump right into the pot and start programming and working on requirements gathering for a new project when I start. Get to put all those software engineering classes to work… Ouch! Painful memories of professors who compare engineering to making cookies! Thats gonna leave a scar!

I have some vacation/floating holiday time at Lockheed that I want to use up before I am gone, so I thought I would go to England to see C███████—no such luck, I have to be at Lockheed on the 31st for paperwork, et al and to get tickets I could leave no sooner than the 25th. That is not a good window for C███████ with classes just ramping up for the new term, so I will have to wait till this summer to see her. Trying to hook up a backup plan to go see A█████ in NY for a few days. Might as well use the vacation while I have it!

Anyway, I am REALLY looking forward to actually doing some programming for a real project, I have not ever been so ready to start a job, if it was not for the need to show Lockheed some common courtesy I would show up at Inphomatch on Monday! Oh well, I’ve been doing nothing for three months, two more weeks is not going to kill me. Hell, fist time a deadline hits me with 24 hour days I bet I start whining about having too much to do. The grass is always greener!

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