the end

Today was my last day as a Lockheed Martin employee. I’m not sad to go, I was board out of my mind sitting in the AWC. The project that Rob and I started, to automate some of the reports the administrators, long ago moved on without me. Curtis, who signed on to help with the GUI, because he know how to write swing better than Rob or I, has really totally taken over the project. Most of the work ended up being in the GUI. I have sat next to him and helped him a few times to figure out stuff, or made his job harder by saying ‘we need to include X functionality,’ but the coding and hard thinking is all him and has been for a while now.

So for quite a while now I have spent most of my days doing nothing again and my brain has slowly leaked out of my skull to form a small pool by my cube. I will not miss that. I will miss the people in the AWC, I hope they keep in touch. I think I got lucky, by sitting on the smaller side of the conference room which divided the AWC about 70/30 I sat in the area which lent itself to a more intimate setting where we all know each other and we laughed and joked all day—often we where too loud, mostly me, but we had fun.

I have not filled out any paperwork for my resignation. I sent an email to my manager two weeks ago, which he never responded to. That is all the administrators of the AWC knew I needed to do. But I have the strangest feeling that in two weeks I will receive a paycheck for $0.00 because I failed to enter my time. The whole awaiting clearance center is so badly managed by the company higher ups and so ‘out of the loop’ that I had to take the initiative to walk over to the badging office to day to hand in my security badge—with which I can get into the Lockheed buildings. I could have walked out with it, and no one would have known better or said anything about it.

I am looking forward to starting my new job on Monday. Already my boss has sent me a long white paper on the system I will be programming and on Monday morning I have a meeting to go over the architecture with the designers and coders. I get to jump right in and start coding and testing. I am so looking forward to this while, at the same time, being a little scared that the first thing I will see when my feet hit the floor is the ground rushing up to flatten my nose because I’m not running fast enough. It’s the old, ‘when it rains, it pours’ saying. I go from having nothing to do, to having an overwhelming amount to do. In a month I will be complaining about being behind and having to work late to get everything done. C’est la vie!

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Stardate 1 AB (After Beggs)

yet another thrilling day in the AWC, spent the morning figuring out if the people on the space shuttle a)sufficated, b)burned up, c)got ripped apart my a vaccum, or d) died instantly like they siad on tv. what a horrible way to go……

life goes on…. for some of us.

let me know how you do on running beggs, i may need points when they find me a job.

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