the beginning

I spent most of the day in meetings to begin defining the requirements for the system I have to help develop, code and deploy in 30 days. The rest of the time was spent downloading and installing the software I will be using. (for now I am on a Windows box so I needed a good telnet app, winCVS and XEmacs.)

The environment is nice, much like it was back at Genesis, laid back and informal. The people are cool. Right now I am at a cube but they may change as the company is moving into their new offices (basically next door) in April. But I do have a computer and a nice chair. Though I think the monitor I have has issues.

I hope the new job is as cool as it looks, and I have a good time. I’d like to get down to work and have a little stability so I can pay off my debt and do things like go see C███████ once in a while.