– North Korea is playing nuclear brinksmanship,
– West Africa is falling apart,
– India is testing rockets that can hit Packistan,
– NATO is falling apart,
– Iraq is, well, Iraq
– Isreal and Plaistine… nuff said

So, who wants popcorn?

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Tom siad he would like some…. and a nice cusshy bed.. he is running a little tired…. get this

his manager had him briefed last week, and then tells him that he has to go on A01 time, now.. according to what HR says, he won’t have to make up that a time… but you know how managers are….

so possibly, Tom has put in 40 hours this week to put in 40 hours of unpaid overtime through the rest of the year. he is hopeing for a job soon

Dude! That sucks! Hope he gets a job soon. Your commute is gonna suck to Bethesda man. You are so going to have to move down here…

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