This morning on my way to work I passed several bridges with US, UK and Spanish flags hung from them. I also passes many anti-war signs. Bush says diplomacy is at an end, Saddam has 48 hours to get out. No UN resolution—because France and Russia refuse to discuss any use of force to back up the Security Council. I agree that bush is a war monger, but at some point the diplomacy must stop and the words of the UN must be shown meaningful, or the UN should lock it’s doors and quit pretending that there will ever be a diplomatic solution worked through it’s councils and commities. The situations may be different but there is still no defence for playing appeasment with a dictator. The people of France may not see this as appeasment, rather as ‘a peaceful solution’ but giving Hitler the Sudatenland and ignoring his reoccupation of the Rhineland where ‘peaceful solutions…’ So now there is a slim chance that Saddam will walk away—but no one really beleaves this. So war it is. Bush envoked the ‘soverign right of a nation to defend itself.’ I don’t know if that applies to a pre-emptive war… but if it does then he should go to congress to have them declare war, even if ‘our war is not with the people of Iraq’ the president does not have the right to send us to war. Congress should grow the balls that everyone has accused the Security Council of not having and tell Bush that he must bring his case to them, we already have a bad pressident of starting military action without the congress approval—this is against the constitution and should be stopped. So go to war, but follow the framework that the founding fathers layed out for going to war, they had more forsight than any of us can claim.