back in business

After much toil and stuggle (and more than a few choice Dutch [] and Saxon [] words.) I have a working computer! It’ll take me months to get all the programs and settings back to the way I want it, and of course I will never get all the stuff I lost back, but I guess if “a little revolution now and then is a good thing,” then wiping the slate clean and starting over can’t be too bad.

I still have a few problems with the system. Mainly the inability to set up my network connection automatically at startup. The real issue is that in order to start the network connection I have to run adsl-setup everytime I start the computer before I run adsl-setup. I’ll have to do some research into why that is, but for a while at least I can deal with doing that each boot.

As for Gentoo, I am fairly happy. My system setup has little bloat—in fact it has so little bloat that I will send the next few months downloading and installing (via gentoo’s emerge system) programs I am used to having by default. My Xwindows system is very nice. Took a little while to get the XF86config file setup correctly, but it looks very, very nice now.

One little thing that I can be happy about is I sent my emacs and mozilla settings to work when I set up my devel box there. So tomorrow I will email them to myself and install them. I will make life so much easier not having to set up all the anoying little options for emacs and remembering the urls for all the websites I visit on a regular basis.

Anyway, back to playing with all this stuff.