fading in and out

[nb: continuation of previous post] Well, Jim’s dongle didn’t work. (Oh god that sounds dirty! Bad, Bad! Head out of the gutter!) His dongle was incomparable with my hardware. (Maybe I should just stop now! —No.) So in flusteration I started playing with my stuff. (This is getting worse and worse!) So after a few minutes and a little help from a very large Hinkle Chef’s Knife (Visions of Lorana!) My dongle works again—well kinda. You have to pull down on it (Mind in gutter again!) to get it to work so it will have to be replaced at some point since it keeps dropping the connection. (Hark! Is that King Missiles Detachable Penis I hear playing?) Bottom line: After much thrusting with my knife and pulling on my dongle the data is flowing in spurts for now…

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This was really quite entertaining.
Sarah and I both found it quite funny.
Hopefully this will get to you. I tried calling and according to the little voice in the phone you are not in service. To make matters more complicated I think you non cell number is in the van and it is gone for at least a week. Long story but it is dead for now. And the email from here is not working. there is a SMTp server error when we try to send. Receiving is ok – got you genetic engineering reference.

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