two issues

issue number one :: So, I moved from my old web-host to a co-hosting site with codejunkie and several other sites. This caused a little bit of confusion last week with the site coming and going for several days. All is better now, my email works again and the site is up. I have some ideas for things I want to change—but they are ideas I have had for some time… maybe now I will change them. But probably not. C’est la vie.

issue number two :: Anyway, I was very depressed last week. Lazy, tired, unhappy. I think going to a my friend Rob’s bachelors party was the trigger. Hanging out with a bunch of guys talking about and staring at girls just drilled into my head how lonely I am because C███████ is in England. That on top of working long hours and the copious amounts of rainy days we have had in the past few weeks just got me down. Things feel much better now.