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I started writing this entry this morning at work, but got sidetracked by work—bet you didn’t see that one coming. It’s not really done, but I’m to lazy to go back and fix the flow and flesh out the rest of the thoughts… maybe it will make since, if not, sorry.

So the Toni Awards where given out the other day and Hairspray won for best score. No big deal, but the two guys who won it happen to be gay—not a shocker in the theater world, what has people cheering or jeering is the fact that the two of them kissed on stage, in prime time, on live tv. (found this story [] in the Guardian a UK paper.)

Mr Shaiman turned to Mr Wittman and said: “I love this man. We’re not allowed to get married in this world … But I’d like to declare, in front of all these people, I love you and I’d like to live with you the rest of my life.”

As a tangent the story mentions a recent backlash against gays and lesbians:

John Ashcroft, the US attorney general, banned an established gay pride event at the justice department. In April, a Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum, linked homosexuality to bigamy, polygamy, and incest.

Now the second comment we can throw out as a standard ‘I get a strange feeling in my tummy when I talk about gays’ textbook Christian comment. (though I would be interested to know the number of gays who become Mormon polygamist or West Virginians who are gay?) But John Ashcroft should be sued by the ACLU over banning a pride event at the DOJ. Personally I am against all ‘special interest group’ recognition days/weeks/months and such—I think it points out the differences and polarizes society because too many people cannot look beyond those differences once they are pointed out. However I have no doubt that John Ashcroft will not be banning any ‘black history month’ activities at the DOJ (political suicide) and there is no fundamental difference between black Americans celebrating being black and gay Americans celebrating being gay. John Ashcroft should be forced to set down for being a bigoted chauvinist.

What is it that people are so afraid of? What is it that two consenting adult people do together in their own home that scares so many people? Why do we hold on so tightly to our Judaic-Christian
fourth century b.c.e ethics? I just don’t understand. Somehow sodomy is so bad to Christians that they can conveniently forget about ‘brotherly love’ and acceptance. They can even kill? I thought there was a commandment against that.

I like this line:

Same sex kissing is not unheard of on US TV. The first, most memorable kiss was on LA Law in 1992 by Amanda Donohoe and Michele Greene. Roseanne, Ellen, Ally McBeal, Friends, ER, and Spin City followed suit. Gay male affection is far more rare.

No shit. That’s because guys love to watch girls kiss… so it’s more socially acceptable to be a homosexual woman. Even the fat, white, Christian men or greasy, redneck, white trash who make all the noise about gays like to see two women go at it.

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I feel almost obligated to comment for some reason. But then.. . I don’t have much more to add. It’s truely silly. I personally have different thoughts on some of what you said (especially regard “what people do in their own bedrooms”…), but on the whole I agree.

What is it about affection? People kiss their dogs, their friends, their parents, their lovers and their money. EVERY sin and vice in the world is committed. And yet it is the smallest and most honest of feelings that gets condemd. It’s a valgur.

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