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Congressional Subcommitte Vets Anti-Spam Bill
Tuesday, July 8, 2003; 12:16 PM

At a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, a representative from the Consumers Union told legislators that Congress can regulate spam on the internet much in the same way it did with the Do Not Call legislation.

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So we have a national do not call list [ ] (open for registration now, goes into effect Sept 1, 2003) Maybe next will be the national-do-not-spam-me list and, one can only hope, a national-do-not-junk-mail-me list. I just want a national-do-not-advertise list. It’s become so pervasive and in your face that I just wish I could avoid buying things from ANY place that had ANY advertising…

On a completely different note: why did the Swiss give Federer a cow [ ] for winning Wimbledon?