deja vu!

So yesterday I go to get in my truck to pick up Sherman (who is now in Alexandria, living in a hotel for a week till we move in to our new place,) and the truck starts fine, but then 100 feet down the road it stalls… and here we go again! I was on a down hill to I rolled the truck into a little drive way (and the people who owned that driveway showed up some time later and after much discussion and dirty looks parked on the street. But they turned out to be nice guys.) I called roadside and was on the phone an hour (starting at 6:40ish—thats important, remember it) while the guy calls all the contracted towers in the area. Well, none of them pick up the phone so after that he tries the non-contracted (you know the ones you have to pay but roadside will reimburse you for) ones. So since I’m on a cell phone the guys says he will keep trying and that they will call me back. Ok, I tell Sherman to take the metro in and called J███████ to say I would not be coming out to Vienna.

An hour later Sherman shows up and I’m on the phone again with roadside. They cannot get a tow truck so they are going to call the police and have one sent. So they tell me one is coming. Two hours later I call them again. They call the police again and say a tow truck is coming again, but this time they give me a phone number to call and a name. So I wait 45 minutes and nothing. I call the number and the DC police say that they ‘can not and will not send a tow truck.’ They can send a patrol car. Well that does not do me any fucking good.

At this point it was 11:00 so I said fuck it. Sherman and I went to get a few drinks. We had a good time at Larry’s Lounge. Met a guy named Joseph and talked till like 2 in the morning. Guys seams cool and we are going to be living 3 blocks from him after this week. After that, Sherman and I got a slice of pizza and he headed out for the night. I headed back to the truck. I called roadside again and… to make a long story short and to keep from repeating myself lets just say that at 6 am they finally got a hold of a tow truck in Louden, who said they would come in and get the truck. But, it would be between 9:30 and 10:30 before they got here. So at 11 am I called again and got a different tow truck. At 11:30 two tow trucks showed up. Boy that was a fiasco. But the truck got towed to the dealer, and tomorrow I’m going to call the mechanics who ‘fixed’ it the frist time and tell them I want my fucking money back. Right after I figure out how to get to and from work again without a car.